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Aeolus - PrecisionAce AH03H92 185/65 R15

Категория Леки автомобили
Сезон Летни
Размер 185/65 R15
Теглови индекс 92
Скоростен индекс H
Модел Aeolus - PrecisionAce AH03
Цена: 63.00 лв 90.00 лв *Всички цени са с включен ДДС
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69 dB

The high performance tyre for the highest demands
The PrecisionACE2 is a very well-balanced tyre all across the board. It is particularly impressive due to its high safety margins on wet roads. This is complimented by its durability, comfort and good driveability. The optimised overall profile means the tyre also achieves a high level of driving stability and reacts predictably when it comes to handling even in difficult weather conditions or critical driving situations.
With the release of the new PrecisionACE2, AEOLUS is making good on its promise of continuous product development. And there’s more; the PrecisionACE2 bears the TÜV MARK QUALIFICATION quality label from TÜV SÜD PRODUCT SERVICE [Report N° 713048423/AH03] and therefore demonstrably confirms its high level of European quality.
Four wide circumferential longitudinal grooves with an expanded contour put the tyre in a position to take on and drain a high volume of water. This reduces the risk of flooding and aquaplaning.
The modern tread compound meets a range of different requirements for the latest tyres. Wet grip and braking in wet conditions are the focus here. What’s more, the low rolling resistance value reduces fuel consumption and also decreases emission values.

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