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Aeolus - SnowAce AW03H99 225/55 R16

Категория Леки автомобили
Сезон Зимни
Размер 225/55 R16
Теглови индекс 99
Скоростен индекс H
Модел Aeolus - SnowAce AW03
Цена: 104.30 лв 149.00 лв *Всички цени са с включен ДДС
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72 dB

The specialist for critical conditions
The ideal tyre for maximum safety when there is snow and ice on the road. The SnowAce AW03 with its directional V-tread provides the necessary grip and enables precise steering behaviour even in critical road conditions.
   - The directional V-tread with its broad wide tread grooves enables excellent grip on wintry roads and packed snow
   - The silica tread compound combined with the "3D blad system sipe technology," specifically designed for Central European winter weather conditions, provides excellent traction and braking behaviour on cold and wet roads
   - The central tread pattern with its robust "S-contour" blocks reinforces the grip particularly on snowy roads and therefore enables short braking distances in the snow

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