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Aeolus - TransAce AL01T109/107 215/65 R16

Категория Лекотоварни автомобили
Сезон Летни
Размер 215/65 R16
Теглови индекс 109/107
Скоростен индекс T
Модел Aeolus - TransAce AL01
Цена: 129.50 лв 185.00 лв *Всички цени са с включен ДДС
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72 dB

The transport professional
A classic transporter tyre for delivery traffic. It was specifically designed for demanding commercial use: durable, robust and also suitable extreme weather conditions. The TransACE is ideally suited to the special requirements of light commercial vehicles.
   - Two continuous centre ribs ensure optimum curve performance even with high loads
   - The robust tread and optimum contact surfaces offer driving stability and good steering response time as well as even tread wear

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