Всесезонните гуми са предназначени за използване през лятото и зимата. Тяхната усъвършенствана технология и съвременна смес са оптимизирани, за да осигурят високо ниво на безопасност и върхови постижения.
Новият модел EUROALL SEASON AS210 на FALKEN е отличен избор, когато става дума за целогодишна използваемост, комфорт, безопасност и представяне.
• Иновативният V-образен дизайн на каналите гарантира по-добро представяне на мокри пътища и подобрява устойчивостта срещу аквапланинг.
• Променливата дълбочина на малките каналите осигурява оптимално управление и спиране при всякакви атмосферни условия и осигурява равномерно износване.
• Разнопосочното разпределение на ламелите осигурява отлично сцепление при сняг и при
всякакви атмосферни условия.
• Материали, усъвършенствани с 4D-Нано дизайн и гарантиращи превъзходно представяне на мокри настилки, икономичност и удължен експлоатационен живот на гумите.
• M+S и 3PMSF сертификати.
• 48 размера
• 13 – 19 инча
• Серии 40 – 70
• Скоростен индекс: T / H / V
Falken is to release the Euroall Season AS210 tyre for cars and SUVs, and the Euroall Season VAN11 for vans and light trucks, to the market this year.
The AS210 all-season tyre will be available in July 2018. The successor to the AS200, the AS210 has a V-shaped pattern with deeper grooves for enhanced water distribution and the company says that, compared to its predecessor, the AS210 has improved aquaplaning characteristics by 8% and wet braking by 6%. During travel, the sipes align themselves to the direction of traction to enhance force transmission and provide outstanding grip in all weather, including snow. Thanks to the multidirectional sipes, braking performance has been further improved. Using Advanced 4D-Nano Design technology to develop the compound, Falken says it succeeded in increasing the mileage of the AS210 by 10% compared to its predecessor.
The European-manufactured Euroall Season AS210, will initially be launched in 48 sizes from 13″ to 19″ in series 70 – 40, in speed ratings T, H and V. A further 20 sizes will follow in August 2018.
Falken will also launch its new Euroall Season VAN11 tyre in July. The VAN11, aimed at drivers of vans and light trucks, was designed with wear resistance and safety as top priorities and it features Adaptive Constant Pressure (APC) technology, with a tread pattern developed to ensure even pressure distribution across the tyre contact patch. Falken says this ACP design enhances directional stability while improving wear behaviour. Wide grooves improve water displacement, maximising grip and providing protection against aquaplaning.
Like Falken’s all-season car tyres, the VAN11 was developed with the help of Advanced 4D-Nano Design technology, creating a compound, the company says, that offers top mileage and fuel economy combined with excellent wet grip properties.
The Euroall Season VAN11 is manufactured in Thailand and will be available from July 2018 in eight sizes for the 65 and 75 series in 16″, in speed ratings H, R, S and T. September 2018 will see the addition of eight more sizes, with a further seven in 2019

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